I never attend a party empty handed.

A few years ago I began making caramels as hostess gifts. I was asked by a friend if I'd be interested in serving them at a pop-up dinner at lilify in Monterey, CA. I loved the idea and jumped at the chance. Each course would be paired with a different wine, and I had been given a 2006  Vinho Doce from Pierce Ranch Vineyards. Josh Pierce and I played with some flavors that could best accentuate the wine, and could in turn stand on their own. I tested and tasted and developed a caramel with brown sugar and tart cherry that paired perfectly with with Vinho Doce.

Shortly after the pop up dinner I discovered a small card buried deep at the bottom of my purse:

she carries caramels in her handbag
to  be shared as an expression of goodwill.
(sometimes she eats them all herself)

In an effort not to eat them all myself, I decided it was time to sell my caramels.

I love to craft and play with flavors and flavor combinations. I try to stay as seasonal and as natural as possible.  I use honey from my friend's bees on Jack's Peak. I pick ollalieberries from Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville. I am happy to create custom flavors for events or special occasions.